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Winter Travel:

Winter travel in Europe can be a challenge if you are not into cold temperatures unless you fork up the cash for warmer climates.  If you want cheap flights you might want to spend some holiday time in colder climates.  For those who are into skiing, the Alps and Pyrenees in France, Switzerland, Italy Austria, and Spain. For those who do not enjoy the cold, it’s sunny and bright in Andalusia.

If Asia is our chosen destination, southern China, Vietnam, and Thailand are good choices.  Northern Africa is cool and a really good time to visit the Sahara but is not for a destination if you want to stay by beaches.  The United States is a good destination if you want to visit the desert regions at this time of year.  The temperatures are much cooler and quite pleasant.  Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile have ideal temperatures as well.  Southern Africa is doable, but the temperatures are going to scorching.

Our Best Suggestions:

This is a great time of year to visit down under (Australia).  This is the beginning of their summer season so temperatures are ideal for those trying to escape cold temperatures.  This is the perfect destination for surfing, swimming, and visiting the beaches of Manley!  Visit zoos and/or animal-friendly locations for children to pet some really cool creatures.   Meet koalas, emus, kangaroos, and other wonderful Australian natives!

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Spring Travel:

As with all travel spots, you should check out if it’s a popular tourist destination time of year or whether you can save with cheap flights to countries.  During the springtime, Europe is heading toward milder temperatures and sunnier days.  This is also true for the Mediterranean coast which starts warming up during the spring and swimmers will enjoy the pleasant water temperatures.

This time of year Greece and Spain are ideal destinations as it’s not too hot and not over-crowded with tourism.  You might well find some really good cheap flights.  Crete, Malta, southern Italy, and Andalusia are really good places to visit in the spring.

Though still a little on the cool side, northern areas such as Scandinavian countries offer endless days without night!

Asia is probably not the best destination because their weather is really not good.  Heat is on the rise in some countries including Burma, India, and Thailand.  These countries are notorious for extreme heat and known for hundreds of deaths each year.  You’d be better off visiting China or Japan for more favorable temperatures but are heading toward various weather issues.  This time of year is the monsoon season that approaches rather quickly toward the end of spring.  The only exceptions are India or Tamil Nadu, and this is an excellent season for the southern island of Indonesia.

If you a planning a trip to Africa, temperatures and very pleasant throughout the Mediterranean and Maghreb which will offer sunny pleasant weather.  If you want cheap flights, find out what time of year the rates go up and whether this is the ideal time for cheaper offers.

There are several spots in North America or Central America that will provide comfortable weather conditions and lower humidity.  California usually has good weather year round though watch out for their rainy season.  Southern states such as Texas has pleasant temperatures and low humidity but once again, there can be days of rain.  Cuba, Guatemala, and Mexico have very favorable conditions during the springtime but if you travel further south you will run into high humidity levels.

Now is a good time to get cheaper flights to these chosen  destinations as they are heading toward their popular months for tourism but not quite there yet.

Even though it’s still spring, Portugal offers really summer-like weather conditions and wonderful breezes coming off the Atlantic.  Scotland is a good destination but just not as lush and beautiful as you would experience in the month of May.  Both locations are excellent choices so check with our travel provider or the airlines to see if you can get cheap flights.  You might want to check out the Jordan valley, Tunisia, and Tozeur before the summer heat arrives.

Portugal is an excellent choice for Spring

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Summer Travel:

The summer months are the busiest time of year for tourism with millions of people flocking to the continent for exploring the countrysides or hitting the beaches.  Southern Italy and Greece will  be very hot and not comfortable. In northern Europe countries such as Scotland, Ireland, and Holland good weather prevails during this season where generally these countries are cold and damp.

This is not a good time of year to travel Asia due to monsoon season with the exception of very few countries such as India, Bali, the southern islands of Indonesia.  Other countries are experiencing high humidity and are very hot!

This time of year, the Maghreb countries in Africa are at the peak for tourists.  The temperatures are hot but also very dry.  Another popular destination is Morocco’s Atlantic coast where the temperatures are very pleasant.  Heading much further south you will run into rainy conditions.

The summer months in the Americas can be very drastic.  Arizona and a few surrounding states are very hot and also very dry.  Heading west toward California the weather is dry and hot, especially in the desert areas but is also a very popular time of year for tourists heading to the Grand Canyon.  The southern coastal states from Florida over to Texas experience very high humidity and higher temperatures.  Going further south into Mexico, Central America and South  America will have high humidity as well.

Though it’s the winter season, Australia still has pleasant weather though if you want to visit beaches, the waters will be rather cool.  If skiing is on your agenda, travel south for some great slopes.

If any of these destinations are on your list, check with the airlines to find out how you can get cheap flights.

Bali, Indonesia is an excellent choice for Summer

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Autumn Travel:

Some very pleasant temperatures are experienced in the Mediterranean islands of Crete, Cyprus, and some Greek island.  Southern Turkey, southern Italy and Spain are also great choices during the autumn season.  As this season winds down, Europe, in general, is not going to offer a great deal of sun and the weather will start getting colder.

This is absolutely the best time of year for traveling throughout Asia.  Starting in October, Thailand, south of China, India, and Vietnam offer welcoming climates that are very pleasant and the monsoon season has passed!

Northern Africa experiences pleasant weather during this season.  The massive heat has left in places like Egypt, inland Morocco, and the Tunisian desert.  Tourism is slowing down significantly making this an ideal time to get cheaper flights.

Toward the end of autumn, visit the desert regions of the United States as the heat has passed and the temperatures are really good.  Many of the southern coastal states such as Texas, experience very pleasant weather during this season.  That also applies to countries south of the United States such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.  The Caribbean is finally coming out of its rainy season and ushering in some really nice weather.

All of the information we have provided will give you a good idea where and when you should visit various countries.  If you have your heart set on a specific destination, check with the airlines or your travel provider to find out where you might be able to get cheap flights to your country of choice.  In some cases, depending on peaks of tourism or perfect weather, you might have to pay more.  During some months, the weather might be fine and tourism is down so you can find those exceptionally cheap flights!

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