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There are few things more appealing for the travel enthusiasts than gathering up with friends, necking a cold refreshing drink and planning a quick escape from the daily routine, right? …searching for some last minute flights to basically anywhere with assured sun and adventure, maybe a beach as well! With that said, we've gathered 16 awesome hacks which might come in handy when searching for cheap last minute flights. Finding cheap flights might seem difficult, but if you know how, when, and where to look, you might become the master of cheap flights among your friends in no time. Follow our guide to finding last minute flights and by the end we’ll make sure you can find yourself a great flight deal to your dream destination.

Cheap Last Minute Flights

When it comes to finding last minute flights, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, like the time of year you wish to fly or the destination of your trip, these will heavily influence your travel budget. Finding cheap flight deals to travel destinations and dates that are extremely popular among travelers and tourist during peak seasons, will be much more challenging – so plan accordingly. Usually the best time to grab a good flight deal is to book the flight ticket in advance, but it’s not the only way. Using the right tools, being flexible and having the know-how will help you find a cheap last minute flight to your desired destination.
So, prepare your passport, grab your bags and get ready to book a last minute flight using these handy tips:

1. Book really late

You might think that’s crazy, but if you want to bag a seriously cheap flight, you may have to wait till the last minutes too book your flight – occasionally airlines wait to the last minute to fill the plane to capacity and if seats won’t sell for a higher price, than they flog tickets on the cheap. Before you book your flight on the last minute, make sure other travel arrangements like accommodations are set. Book a refundable rate so in case you might need to cancel your room because you were unable to book a cheap flight ticket at the last moment you will get your money back from the hotel. So, if everything’s set all you need are your last minute flight tickets, check now via our search tool and see if you can grab one.

2. Use flight comparison sites

Sometimes unwillingly out of routine you will end up at the website of an air carrier like JetBlue or your favorite online travel agency, instead try using price comparison websites such as Momondo or Wegotego to compare hundreds of different options in one place. You can save serious amount of time and money if you use the price comparison websites, sometimes you can save up to 70% on your flight rates. This might mean you fly at a different time to when you planed your trip and end up flying home with a different airline, but we think it’s worth it for a cheaper flight.

3. Be flexible with dates

Flexibility is key for grabbing a low rate flight ticket. Being flexible with your traveling dates means often cheaper to flight deals; search for flights midweek to midweek rather than at the weekend, because weekends are usually more expensive due to the higher demand.
Don’t forget that by adding a little inconvenience to your journey, like flying early morning or adding an extra layover will come with the benefits of a cheaper flight. It will be nice to have some extra money to use at your final destination!
Last minute flights are probably less flexible when it comes to flight times, routes or departure locations, but try to keep these details of your travel plans flexible. Like this your chances of saving some cash on your flight ticket will greatly improve.

4. Be flexible about where you go

Remember it's all about the journey, not the destination; be flexible when it comes to choose your destination and or the airport you are flying from. Being spontaneous about your final destination can make you a trip of a life time, exploring beautiful cities that you might never heard of. Check some of our suggested destinations and you’ll find a cheap flight to anywhere.

5. Consider the added extras

At first a flight deal for $50 may sound as a bargain, but consider the added hang luggage, baggage and the weight of your stuff; these might considerably raise the ticket rates and whilst the 5am flight might be the cheapest options, you need to think about how you're going to get to the airport. Consider which option would suite your budget and comfort, a taxi or taking the bus/train or friends ride to the airport. All these can influence the overall spending on means of transportation including your flight ticket.  read on....

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Last minute flights to Europe

6. Be smart when booking online

Have you ever noticed when checking twice the same website and deal in a short period of time it showed higher prices? Well apparently the more interest shows for a particular flight deal, the more flight websites want to charge for it. Although this is not true for all websites, but some may use this technique to earn more on a flight ticket. Avoid your browsing tracker (Cookies) and internet history costing you serious cash. Delete your browsing history, cache and cookie files to make sure you’ll be able to book the cheapest flights last minute.

7. Use discounts

Keep your eyes open for student discounts for flights at certain travel agents and flight search websites, some may have it hidden in small print but finding it will help you book a real deal, if you have a student ID that is.

Other means of booking a cheap last minute flight is to use your hard earn air miles or check to see if with your credit card you are eligible for any discounts. Don’t forget to sign up to airline email alerts or to our newsletter which could mean the difference between a cheap last minute flight and an expensive one.

8. Become an air courier

It’s a very competitive industry and since 9/11 very few airlines offer this service, but there are a few routes which operate courier tickets.  Ten to fifteen years ago, becoming an air courier was a popular option for budget travelers as you were able to book flights with huge discounts and even for free.  An air courier is a hired deliveryman/woman whose job is to escort a cargo by  plane. It’s a freelance job in the air as your baggage allowance and or excess is used for shipping documents or goods quickly.

9. Stay informed

Being aware where to look for cheap last minute flights can get you ahead of the game. Pay attention to these resources and you’ll surely find some great deals for your next trip:

Make sure you stay tuned to all the channels where you could potentially find a last minute deal. For example if an airline or online travel agency has a newsletter, sign up for it. Consider chartered flights as well, as they often have spare seats to fill, and by signing up to their newsletter, they will keep you informed about last minute flight deals.

  • Don’t forget to use websites like Skyscanner to find last minute flights which have specifically designed tools for last minute travel. Holiday Pirates or are a great example for last minute flight deal aggregators, they are a great source for last minute flights and they give an in-depth description of the offer.
  • Look for cancellation holidays. Some package holiday companies sell off last minute trips for a huge discount when their customers can no longer travel.
  • Several websites have adopted price alert email; by signing up for these you may grab a last minute flight for your selected destination.
  • Follow on social media your favorite airlines. Make sure to set to get notifications from the airlines Facebook and Twitter pages so you’ll get the latest deals first handed.
10. Book early! Wait what?

Well we can agree it’s not the most common advice when talking about last minute flights, but booking ahead can save you money too. Some airlines, particularly in the United States, will reward you for doing your homework and will offer you an airline credit making up the difference if you call them. As an alternative, try to buy refundable tickets so in case the rates drop you can cancel your ticket and repurchase it at the cheaper price.

11. Be careful of fees

This is particularly true for budget airlines that will charge a fee for basically anything and any changes. Keep your flight tickets at a low rate with minimizing your luggage and extra services like priority boarding and similar services that only serve for extra confort. Traditional airlines like Lufthansa usually release cheap flights months in advance, with really cheap international flights becoming available five to six months before departure. If you’ve always dreamed of flying to Australia, Bangkok, or Hawaii, then don’t wait until the last minute to book your flights.

12. Research last minute flight deals from airlines.

We’ve covered this partially, but just as a reminder when an airline doesn’t have enough demand for a particular flight, they look to fill up seats as fast as possible to cover costs. This is especially great news for those who wish to book a last minute flight, since these still-empty seats generally are sold at low rates. Visit the airlines official website such as American Airlines to find deals at great discounts on last minute flights.

13. Consider a vacation package as an alternative.

An alternative for finding cheap flights are vacation packages, which often allow travelers to grab up unsold flight and hotel bundles at incredibly low prices. You may even be able to book an entire vacation package for less than the price of a typical last minute flight along the route you’re considering.

14. Check a travel consolidator for last minute flight deals.

Travel consolidators are another alternative for travelers who want to book a cheap flight. Airlines sell large quantities of flight tickets to travel consolidators at volume price in order to make sure enough seats are sold in advance to keep the flights at capacity. When travel consolidators are unable to sell enough flight tickets, they typically look to sell them with a discount to those searching for last minute flight deals.