» » Know The Rules & Regulations For Carrying Alcohol On An Airline

Know The Rules & Regulations For Carrying Alcohol On An Airline

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Know The Rules & Regulations For Carrying Alcohol On An Airline


There are so many different rules and regulations when it comes to the airline industry.  Passengers can become overwhelmed and easily fall into breaking a rule or regulation and not realize it until it's too late.  One example is whether you are allowed to carry alcohol in your carry-on luggage or in a check-in bag.

We will give you answers to questions regarding the transportation of alcohol on an aircraft.  If you still have questions, it's advisable you visit TSA's site and read through their rules and regulations.

As A Passenger, Are You Allowed To Bring Alcohol On Your Flight?

You are allowed to carry alcohol in your carry-on or your check-in bag.  That said, you must be of legal age and follow the airline's rules.  Also, the container must be sealed in either checked bag or carry-on bag.

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Are There Regulations On What Kind Of Alcohol You Can Bring?

Yes, your alcohol must be 140 proof or less and unopened to transport it. Any alcohol over 140 proof is strictly prohibited according to the FAA.

Is There A Limit On How Much Alcohol You Can Bring With You?

If your alcohol is in your check-in bag, how much you can carry will depend on the alcohol content.  The FAA states there are no limitations on how much alcohol you can place in your checked bag but the volume must be less than 24% - i.e. beer and/or wine.  If the volume is between 24% and 70%, you are limited to 5 liters.

If you plan on carrying your alcohol in your carry-on bag, you will be subject to the Transportation Security Administration's 3-1-1 limit.  If you are unfamiliar with this term, it means you can bring a quart-size bag of liquid through security.  That equates to 3.4 oz (100 milliliters) or less for each item.  This limitation also applies to aerosols, other liquids, creams, etc.

Are The Rules Different Country To Country?

The rules and regulations are dictated by the airline's country of origin.  In the United States, for instance, customs are only allowed one liter of alcohol carried into the country duty-free.  Therefore, if you have a 5 liter, you will have to pay duty and taxes on the other 4 liters.

If you are traveling to countries such as Kuwait, alcohol is strictly prohibited from entering the country.  You should check out the rules set by the airline you will be traveling with to determine what you can or cannot bring with you.

If You Purchase Alcohol In A Duty-Free Store In The Airport, Can You Bring It With You?

In many cases, if people have traveled to a country where they can purchase alcohol cheaper than in their own country, generally you are allowed to bring it with you.  Keep in mind, if you do not have a direct flight and will have to catch a connecting flight, you might have to go through TSA security again.  If this happens, your bags will be subject to the restrictions for carry-on items.  Again, any liquor over 3.4 oz will have to be in your checked baggage.  Unless you will have to claim and re-check your bags before your connecting flight, this can be very frustrating.  You will not have access to your checked-in bags.  If you are re-entering the United States and then getting on a domestic flight, you will have to claim your luggage and have it re-checked. As you will have access to your checked-in bags, you can put the alcohol in them and then have them checked-in again.

Your best option is to purchase from a duty-free store at the last airport you will visit before going on to your final destination.  You should check with the airline to find out what procedure will take place when you do not have a direct flight, otherwise, you will have to forfeit your purchase at security.

Are You Allowed To Drink On The Plane?

Some flights can be quite taxing and you might just need that drink to get you through a flight with an annoying passenger next to you or sitting on the tarmac waiting to finally taxi down the runway and take off.  Keep in mind, the flight attendants on your flight are the only people allowed to serve alcohol.

It is in strict federal violation to open your bottle of alcohol and serve yourself.  Flight attendants can regulate how much alcohol a passenger consumes and cut someone off if they are getting a little over the edge.  Also, it goes against the rules and regulations stating the bottle of alcohol must remain sealed.  Get your drinks from the flight attendants and leave your purchased bottle alone until you get to your destination.

How To Pack Your Alcohol:

The last thing you need is to get to your destination and find your bottle of wine or other alcohol has broken and has damaged everything else in your bag. First and foremost, the bottle must be sealed and never opened.  Place it in a sturdy plastic bag and then wrap it with soft, cushioning items such as towels, sweaters, shirts, etc. Soft items will ward off vibrations and bumps that could break the bottle.  Also, soft items will soak up the alcohol, should something happen.  Lastly, place the bottle in the center of your bag surrounding it with other clothing so it won't move around, especially coming down the carousel.

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Other alternatives include purchasing padded bags or checking with the airline to see if they provide packaging materials.  Some airlines have this option for approximately $5.

Pick Your Alcohol Well:

This means, don't waste your time or money on alcohol that you can easily pickup back home.  Choose something that is “native” to your visit and is truly considered a souvenir.  Just about every country has a special alcohol that you will not find in your country.  If your purchase will be a gift for someone back home, they will be delighted to discover something they never tried before. So are you ready to grab a flight, give Wegotego flight search a go while you’re here.


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